Loud and proud: Moskau

wie bekannt, ist Moskau so etwas wie eine zweite oder dritte Heimat für mich.

Und daß es bei dem Tempo, der dort in Allem an den Tag gelegt wird, nicht leise zugeht, ist wohl evident.
Aber die Lärmbelästigung wird auch wahrgenommen: die Moscow Times berichtet heute über The Roar of the City

But, at least for now, Moscow is going to stay loud and proud, Kucherov believes.
„The city and federal governments don't care about this problem, so we won't notice any positive changes in the situation,“ he said.
And those who complain about too much noise shouldn't get too excited about getting the problem solved.
Ecostandard recently received a complaint from a resident who said she could not get to sleep because of the noise produced by an air vent attached to the wall of a nearby restaurant.

„Officials concluded that there were no air vent systems and that the noise simply did not exist,“ Kucherov said. „What can you do?“